Updated "Serving It Right" (SIR) requirements effective September 15th, 2015

Updated SERVING IT RIGHT (SIR) requirements: PLEASE READ

Please see the attached letter regarding updated Serving It Right (SIR) requirements.

This change was announced last year via policy directive 14-20 (linked below) and the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch would appreciate any communications support you can provide to your members.


All agents are encouraged to read the Policy Directive in full, paying particular attention to current SIR Expiry dates:

Anyone holding valid SIR or equivalent certificates from other Canadian jurisdictions are exempt from the SES training
requirement. Certificates from other jurisdictions with no expiry date will be deemed expired and will no longer be accepted after December 15, 2020.

Existing SIR certificates (with no expiry date on them) will be deemed expired on September 15, 2020 and certification must be renewed before that date.

This allows more than 5 years for current certificate holders to obtain re-certification.
Effective September 15, 2015, new SIR certificates will be issued with an expiry date.
Both SIR and the new SES certificates must now be renewed on an ongoing basis every 5 years.

Current fees for SIR training are $35 and $40 for the online and print versions respectively. The current SIR renewal fee is $10

Liquor Control and Licensing Branch http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/lclb