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AGLC appoints new President and CEO Alain Maisonneuve

AGLC's new President & CEO
  It is my pleasure to announce that, effective immediately, Alain Maisonneuve is the AGLC’s new President and Chief Executive Officer for a 5 year term.  
  Alain has over 30 years of experience and industry knowledge, is committed to responsible liquor and gaming practices, and embodies the forward focused leadership style that is required to support the growth of the gaming and liquor industries.
Gael MacLeod MBA, CTAJ, ICD.D,
AGLC Board Chair, Office of the Board

LDB Appointed wholesaler for legalized Cannabis in 2018

LDB appointed wholesaler for legalized Cannabis in 2018
 The LDB has been appointed the non-medical cannabis wholesaler for the province.  

The official press release can be read here:

AGLC warehouse on track for 2018

AGLC warehouse building on-track for 2018
Click here to read the October 2017 story in the St, Albert Gazette

BC NDP appoints Mark Hicken as Liquor Policy Advisor

Government has retained Mark Hicken, a long-time wine industry lawyer and expert, as a liquor policy advisor to liaise with industry stakeholders and provide recommendations to government on ways to support B.C.’s industry.

Reporting through the Ministry of Attorney General, Hicken will lead outreach to B.C.’s beer, wine and spirits stakeholders, including the manufacturing, retail and hospitality sectors, to gather input on areas of interest.

LCLB Policy Directive 17-04

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch has released a new policy directive containing three policy changes.

Policy Directive 17-04 announces changes to:

Charitable auction frequency
Manufacturer on-site sampling limits

Recent policy directives can be found online at