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CETA - Canada and European Union Trade Agreement

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LCLB Policy Directive 17-03

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch has released a new policy directive containing three policy changes.

Policy Directive 17-03 announces changes to:

Catering authorizations for low-risk events,
All-inclusive ticket pricing at tasting events, and
Signage requirements

Message from the IVSA President

Click here to read the message from the IVSA President regarding the change to the IVSA Executive Director position.


AGLC Board appointments


I am writing to advise you that the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance has announced three new appointments to the AGLC Board of Directors.

Effective June 28, Gael MacLeod, who has been a Board member since April 2016, has been appointed as Chair. Ken Knowles, who was a Board member from September 2015 to March 2017, has been re-appointed. Finally, Barbara Ritzen has been appointed as our newest Board member. If you wish to learn more about our Board members, I would invite you to visit our website at

New education program created for liquor licensees

The Province is launching an in-person education program to help licensees better understand their responsibilities and the rules for serving liquor in British Columbia.  

The optional program is the result of consultation with liquor-industry members who expressed that a government-led program would help ensure licensees are running their businesses in a safe and responsible manner. 

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