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Open letter from IVSA responding to proposed 2015 Wholesale Pricing Model

Earlier this week, the IVSA sent a letter to the Honorable Suzanne Anton (Attorney General and Minister of Justice for BC) in response to the announcement of November 19th, 2014 which outlines the Wholesale Pricing Model proposed changes for 2015.    The attached Statement summarizes key concerns contained in the letter, as received from IVSA members, supporting pricing structure flaws of the proposed model and potential consequences to retailers and the mark

BCLDB Wholesale Pricing Model Briefing

BCLDB Wholesale Pricing Model Briefing


Hi to all IVSA Members!
     Last year, Jim Marion (The Bacchus Group) presented the idea to team up with like-minded fund raisers to start a team for M'ovember, aptly called ‘Vintage Mo’s’
We raised well over $10,000, and that has inspired me to ask any IVSA member, or anyone in the Hospitality business, to throw their name in as a member of Vintage Mo’s to assist in raising donations.
    Together we can raise an great deal for this worthwhile cause.