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Re: New Higher Costs for BC Liquor Store Tastings

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Re: New Higher Costs for BC Liquor Store Tastings

The procedures for in-store tastings in BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) have changed considerably with the introduction of Wholesale Pricing in BC. Agents and Suppliers must now purchase samples for in-store tastings and Signature Store kitchen events at full retail price, from the store at which the tasting is held.

Australian Wine Producers Letter to BC Government

“The chair of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority has written to Premier Christy Clark raising objections to reforms that favour B.C. wines”. 

Australian wine producers complain to Premier Christy Clark about liquor reforms that favour B.C. products

IVSA Press Release March 13, 2015

 IVSA Press Release dated March 13th, 2015.  The IVSA refutes gov't accusation that suppliers and distributors take advantage of wholesale pricing structure to raise prices" 

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BC Legislature Question Period re: Wholesale Pricing Changes

Please see news below, with links to BC Legislature Question Period videos, relating to the Wholesale Pricing Model:
     Minister Suzanne Anton blames importers and agents, in advance of the April 1st, 2015 wholesale pricing implementation, for a significant number of price increases, and attempts to defend problems with wholesale alcohol pricing in BC.

BC Gov't News Release: Liquor in Grocery Stores and Liquor Store Relocations

BC Government has announced changes that will allow liquor in grocery stores as well as changes to the 5 km rule for liquor retail relocations.

You can find more information about these changes in Policy Directive 15-01, which can be found here: