Import News & Industry Updates

Facts about IMPORT AGENTS in BC: prepared by IVSA

Click here to read the presentation by IVSA to Minister Coralee Oakes, which outlines information and Facts About IMPORT AGENTS in British Columbia.

Connect Logistics 2016 Rate Changtes announced

CLS announced their rate structure changes which will take effect on January 3rd, 2016

Click here for attachment of the scheduled changes

AGLC to increase Liquor Mark-Ups

As part of the Budget 2015, the Government of Alberta has directed the AGLC to increase the liquor mark-up to meet its revenue expectations and ensure the support for the programs and services that Albertans rely on every day. The mark-up increase is expected to generate approximately $39 million in additional revenue annually.

IVSA position statement on LCLB minimum pricing policy

Recommendation #17 of the Liquor Policy Review, recommended a review of minimum pricing policy as it applies to all categories of liquor to ensure that minimum prices are set at an appropriate level.

Click here to view the full IVSA Position Statement submitted on Minimum Shelf Pricing for Liquor Retail.