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Wineries will benefit from COOL repeal and TTB funding increase

Wineries will benefit from COOL repeal and TTB funding increase

December 18, 2015

Wine Institute Commends Passage of Omnibus Bill: COOL Repeal and TTB Funding Increase Will Benefit Wineries

LCLB Policy Directive 15-12: Relaxing other restrictions for Food Primary Licences

Policy Directive 15-12 repealing the lounge endorsement and relaxing several other restrictions for Food Primary Licences. Please share and distribute this document.


BC Wine Industry Continues to Grow with BC VQA Wine-In-Grocery Coming to Kelowna

Longstanding BC VQA Wine Stores, Discover Wines in Kelowna and the BC VQA Wine Shop at the Kelowna Wine Museum announced their support to move into grocery stores today with the Overwaitea Food Group anticipating BC VQA Wines to be showcased and sold for the first time in Kelowna grocery stores pending BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch approval.

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BCLDB: New program for BC Microbreweries

In an effort to meet growing customer demand for local craft beer products, BC Liquor Stores made an announcement this morning regarding a new program for microbreweries.

  This program – coming into effect on Nov. 30 – will offer new opportunities for exposure of microbreweries’ products in BC Liquor Stores. Ensuring shelf space for local microbreweries is a way BC Liquor Stores can introduce our customers to new and unique products from breweries close to home.

Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority announces revamped liquor system proposal

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Minister Don McMorris said Wednesday the changes, if the Saskatchewan Party is reelected into power, will allow the “government to collect the same amount of revenue through a new wholesale mark-up while also correcting many inequities that have existed among the province’s various liquor retailers.”

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