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LCBO launches online sales and home delivery

LCBO launches online sales, home delivery

Toronto Star - Rob Ferguson - Queen's Park Bureau July 26, 2016.

     Booze sales are going online in Ontario as has launched web sales for 5,000 products from Canada and 85 countries as the provincial government continues its liberalization of alcohol retailing.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa said the online sales will allow customers to buy products they may not find in their local stores, making for more “virtual” shelf space.

Increasing the flow of wine among Québec, Ontario and British Columbia

The governments of Québec, Ontario and British Columbia will work together to ensure consumers have greater choice, convenience and expanded access to wines produced in their provinces.

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BC wineries to benefit from Interprovincial Trade Agreement

British Columbia’s new interprovincial trade agreement with Ontario and Quebec will cut red tape for B.C. wineries and increase market access for the world renowned wines produced throughout the province.

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Anthony Gismondi: Why shut out the rest of the world? Vancouver Sun wine columnist Anthony Gismondi

Vancouver Sun wine columnist Anthony Gismondi

"WHY SHUT OUT THE REST OF THE WORLD?: ........Nobody has a problem supporting local wines and giving them a break (although sales, prices and profits would suggest they are doing just fine), but why is government and its wholesale and retail liquor arms shutting out the rest of the world’s wine with punitive taxes and sad-sack distribution tactics such as confining restaurant purchases to government retail stores?"

LCLB Policy Directive 16-08: Prohibition on Inducements

Policy Directive 16-08 is to remind industry of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act prohibition on inducements.

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