Hi to all IVSA Members!
     Last year, Jim Marion (The Bacchus Group) presented the idea to team up with like-minded fund raisers to start a team for M'ovember, aptly called ‘Vintage Mo’s’
We raised well over $10,000, and that has inspired me to ask any IVSA member, or anyone in the Hospitality business, to throw their name in as a member of Vintage Mo’s to assist in raising donations.
    Together we can raise an great deal for this worthwhile cause.
      Some of you might remember that my time as President of IVSA was cut short when I was diagnosed, and then successfully treated, for Prostate Cancer, at a relatively young age of 49.  I am now 6 years cancer free! There are those in our IVSA midst being treated right now, as well as amongst your friends & family.
      Have some fun, grow a moustache, join your 'comrades against razors to the upper lip’ for one month.
      It's easy to help: visit www. or, google Movember Canada and enter Vintage Mo’s in the query box, our team details will pop up!
     Thank you for your involvement or donations to our team!!   Sincerely,  Peter Lindenlaub (Wagner Family of Fine Wine)