Membership Facts


  • IVSA members benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge of respected industry veterans and trail-blazers who make up the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards. This team is responsible for bringing forward the issues of the industry at large and liaise with related Liquor & Hospitality Industry groups, Provincial Government leaders & advisors, Liquor Boards, Liquor Licensing and the industry membership.
  • Participation options to the IVSA New Product Salons
  • 3rd-party liability "tasting" insurance - IVSA members are able to access 3rd-party liability tasting insurance at a favorable annual rate
  • Johnstone's Group Insurance Benefits - enabling agencies with as little as 2 employees access to extended health & dental benefits

TESTIMONIAL: "As a liquor importer, the IVSA New Product Salons are very beneficial. We always seem to make new contacts at the tastings and are able to see many of our current clients, which is helpful as we cannot always get out to see everyone."



Import Agent Member Rate:

Assigned based on the agents annual case sales across BC and Alberta.

Fees start at $750 per year.

Consular & Hospitality-Trade Associate Member Rate: $ 750

Warehouse & Logistics Associate Member Rate: $2,000