LDB Wholesale: Inbound Shipment Handbook

The Liquor Distribution Branch’s Wholesale Operations operates two distribution centres located in Delta and Kamloops. Both facilities provide receiving, warehousing and delivery services to private retailers and BC Liquor Stores.

To assist vendors in preparing shipments to our warehouses, the LDB has created a new Inbound Shipment Handbook now available on our Wholesale Operations website

The handbook contains vital guidelines for all vendors related to inbound shipments entering the LDB warehouses.

Please follow the information outlined in the handbook, the LDB will apply these guidelines when receiving a shipment.

Handbook Highlights:

Product Identification Standards and Labelling Requirements
Required Shipping Container and Unit Markings
Case Configuration Submission before Shipment
SCC and Lot Code Placement
Pallet Requirements, Measurements and Wood Species
Ti-Hi Rules
Pallet and Product Packaging Requirements
Booking a Delivery Appointment
Why a Shipment Can be Refused
Short and Stale Dated Product
Relabeling Expiry/Best Before Dates Rules
Return to Vendor (RTV)
Recalled Products due to a Quality Control

Download the new Inbound Shipping Handbook today.

Thank you,  LDB Wholesale Operations