LDB message: Vancouver VDC moving to DDC

To:                          Suppliers, Industry Associations, Third Party Warehouse Partners

From:                    Sairose Fisher, Director, Wholesale Supply Chain, Liquor Distribution Branch

Subject:               Vancouver Distribution Centre Moving to Delta,

Monitor Purchase Orders Carefully

  Further to our memo dated June 13 I would like to inform you that we are finalizing our plans to start receiving product into the Delta Distribution Centre (DDC) at the end of July, as previously communicated.  We appreciate that many of you have been building inventory as requested to support our operations and to help us minimize impacts to our customers during our transition period.  We understand that your commitment to building this inventory requires additional effort on your part and would like to thank you for doing this work.  We are purchasing the entire additional inventory as we committed to, and will be distributing it between VDC and DDC.

  Over the next few weeks you will start to receive POs for product to be delivered to DDC from late July onwards to support stocking up the new DC. Additionally, please be aware that normal ordering patterns for VDC will now continue into mid-September and you will need to have enough product to fulfill these regular order volumes.

  Shipments to Kamloops will continue as usual.

  In the coming weeks please check all purchase order “ship to” addresses carefully, and ensure your supply chain and logistics departments are aware they will be shipping to both the Vancouver and Delta locations. We anticipate normal business ordering patterns to return by early October.

The Transition Plan for 3rd Party Stocked (Spec) Products:

Orders for 3rd Party Stocked (Spec) Products will continue to be processed during the transition.

Commitment to Ongoing Communication:

We are committed to keeping you informed before, during, and after the transition to the DDC.

Should you have any questions or concerns at this point in time, please contact us at LDBNEWDC@bcldb.com.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,  Sairose Fisher

Director, Wholesale Supply Chain, Wholesale Business