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Supplier looking for Agent

Reschke Wines.

Reschke is a very premium producer in the heart of Coonawarra-South Australia, famed for its Terra Rossa over Limestone soils. Burke Reschke, the owner of Reschke Wines, spares no expense in producing the finest wines possible, which has resulted in many of our wines winning numerous national and international wine show awards and accolades. Our wines focus on finesse, elegance and structure. Food ‘friendliness’ is paramount with Reschke Wines and the red wines are always released with appropriate bottle age, a fairly rare thing in Australia.

Passion for wine doesn’t begin to describe the level of enthusiasm and commitment Burke and his team (myself included) have in bringing Reschke Wines to the world. Depth of character starts with our people and flows through to the end product!

It is also paramount to us that Reschke become a highly profitable brand for our distribution partners. Our success is dependent on your success!

We are very keen to bring Reschke to the Canadian market.

183 Melbourne Street 
North Adelaide SA 5006
P: +61 (08) 8239 0500   
F: +61 (08) 8239 0522

M: 0437051071


Start Date: 
Friday, September 18, 2015
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, December 31, 2015