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CANASPIRIT - Organic Cachaça
Canaspirit Cachaça was created in order to enhance the Brazilian tradition by offering a higher quality product with a careful manufacturing to every detail of production, always focused to get the best from the land and the best that the Brazilian tradition of making rum can offer.

Thus, by definition, the Cachaça Canaspirit was born organic and handmade. The the strength of our product is based on the respect for the human being, for the nature and for life. The choice for a certified organic production came naturally and so the company does all the process - from the sugar cane fields to the packaging - regarding the IFOAM and USDA standards for organic production.
The Canaspirit Organic Cachaça is produced using organic "caipira yeast", the most traditional recipe for the production of cachaça in Brazil. The recipe itself is an example of Brazil: a simple recipe and highly efficient, which is used since a small producer of cachaça in the heart of Brazil to the largest industries of ethanol. The Canaspirit Organic Cachaça is the typical white Brazilian Cachaça, with an unmistakable flavor that can be enjoyed pure, in caipirinhas, cocktails and batidas, always enriching their revenues. A good white cachaça is very preised by connoisseurs because it shows all of the cachaça's quality and it does not allow odour or taste to be masked by the flavours coming from the wood aging. This is the spirit of Canaspirit Organic.
Canaspirit 100% Organic Cachaça is our 100% organic, made with a special yeast, extract in a natural way from the company's own cane fields and respecting the 100% Organic NOP_USDA legislation. This cachaça has been the realization of Canaspirit's proposal of producing the most natural possible cachaça and therefore is presents a wide variety of aromas and flavors with a balance that can only be achieved through the respect for the natural processes. While tasting a Canspirit 100% Organic Cachaça you will experience all the complexity that only a well cared cachaça can offer. Even in cocktails, Canaspirit 100% Organic Cachaça shows its values.
The Canaspirit Organic Bidistilled Cachaça is a double distilled organic cachaça in which the odours of spices and vegetables are more pronounced. It provides a smoother tasting compared to other cachaças but it shows its own characteristics of quality and taste, such as lower acidity and other components. In Brazil, the bidistilled cachaça is widely used in the production of premium liqueurs, elixirs and phyto-therapy extracts.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017