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BODEGA OTERO RAMOS((Wine of  Argentina)

Otero Ramos Bodega de Familia is the result of several decades of effort, passion and hard work.

The project that Manuel Otero Ramos mattured for many years, has always been posed as a serious and important one, strongly determined as a legacy he shows with great pride.  In a province where wine culture has always been fostered by our ancestors, few succeed in materializing a vitivinicultural entrepreneurship. This is the case of Manuel Otero, who carries this activity in his veins and managed to get involved with the land.  Manuel Otero fixed a goal, not as a dream but as a possible reality. Simultaneously with his studies, he started working in real estate.

This allowed him to intervene in significant businesses in the vtivinicultural industry, where excellent wines were elaborated.  His success in this industry gave him the chance to travel around the world representing Mendoza. In these trips he became passionate with the special mystic of wineries and vineyards in Spain, France, Italy and Nappa Valley in California, where he enriched his knowledge on vitiviniculture.

Manuel Otero Ramos has always stood out for his strength and determination, and has always shown expertise in every activity under his command.  Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc were the selected ones. The necessary infrastructure was built and the stocks were planted and supplied with drip irrigation. Our first vintage was in 2006.  The labour in our vineyards is manual, from debudding and first thinning during veraison (when berries start to change their colour), to second thinning for bunch sorting.

ADDRESS Araoz 2750 (Ruta 60) Mayor Drummond, Lujan de Cuyo.  CP- 5507. Mendoza – Argentina. Winery +54 261 4961680  Administration  +54 261 4290111  Cellphone Winery / Roxana Otero +54 261 154539090.

Ernesto Raul Angulo, Agent, ARGENTINA

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016
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Sunday, April 30, 2017