Bepi Tosolini Distillery – ITALIAN Grappa and Liquors

Bepi Tosolini has been producing fine liquors and spirits for over 70 years.



We are one of the most appreciated Grappa producers in Italy and our products are internationally present.

Our range spaces from Grappa and Eau de Vie, to some really unique and craft liquors which has also been enclosed in our special Mixology Selection.

All of our liquors and spirits are 100% natural, artisanal and made out from a selection of the highest quality ingredients. Many of them have been internationally recognized and awarded as the best in the market.

We are looking for a reliable and well introduced distributor in British Columbia and Alberta. 

The brand is successfully distributed in North America (in USA, Ontario and Quebec), Europe and Asia.


Luca Campagna

Business Development Manager


Mobile:  +39 335 324210 (Italian)

Office:    +39 0432 664144

Skype:    lucacampagna





Distillerie Bepi Tosolini

Via della Roggia, 20 

33040 Povoletto UD


Start Date: 
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017