100% agave mezcal in its 3 categories: joven, reposado and anejo

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Yuu Baal is a Mexican company established in 1859 formed by Mexican farmers and producers from Oaxaca State. www.mezcalyuubaal.com

We are dedicated to produce, package and commercialize 100% agave mezcal in its three different categories: joven, reposado and anejo. 

Our brands have presence in Mexico, New York, Spain, France, Brazil, England, Germany, Honduras, and Japan. As part of our international growth strategy, Canada has been targeted as a priority market. 

Mezcal is the fastest growing Mexican spirit since 2005, with net production growth of 143% 2013 vs. 2012,and export sales growth of over 50% during the same period. In 2014 we invoiced 11,175 gallons, with 60% of our sales in the international markets

Our current production is 10,000 monthly liters (2,642 monthly gallons) with an installed capacity of over 19,000 liters per month (5,000 gallons per month). 

We are looking for a partner who can help us distribute our products in Canada and who can also benefit from the great potential Mezcal has. I would truly appreciate if you can share the contact information of any possible interested distributors I could talk to.

My best regards. Mario Katagiri

Katagiri Representations


+1 647 203 9524

Start Date: 
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
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Friday, July 31, 2015