IVSA Members' June Newsletter


Bill 15, the Liquor Control and Licensing Amendment Act 2014, received Royal Assent late last week.  Some of the changes in the Bill took effect upon Royal Assent, although most still require regulations before coming into force.  Below are links to a summary of the items in Bill 15, and policy directives on those items taking effect upon Royal Assent.
The legislative changes associated with the Liquor Policy Review are being done in two phases.  Bill 15 was the first phase and involved changes to the existing Liquor Control and Licensing Act.  A Full re-write of the ACT is planned for next year, and is necessary to fully implement all recommendations.     


Please disregard notes from the meeting with Alain Maisonneuve of the AGLC, as they contained some inaccurate information.  CLICK here for amended meeting notes.
These notes were sent out on June 2nd, 2014 as part of an IVSA members' newsletter.