The IVSA Board of Directors

The IVSA is a registered not for profit society in British Columbia and Alberta. The Board is comprised of 10 persons with representation from each province.

The office is staffed by our Executive Assistant, Sharon Dillon, who manages day to day affairs of the IVSA  The administration team is responsible for arranging the popular Trade-Only "IVSA New Product Salons" in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Executive Director, Richard Loewen, is responsible for bringing forward the issues of the industry as determined by the Alberta & BC Board of Directors, liaison with other Industry groups, Provincial Government leaders, Liquor Boards, Liquor Licensing and the industry membership.

IVSA Executive Board

Brian Berry, President Revelry Imports
Carmen D'Onofrio, VP BC Stile Wines
Carolyn Badger, VP AB Empson Canada
Vicky Ainley, Treasurer Vino Allegro Wine Imports
Jim Marion, Director The Bacchus Group
Lesley Brown, Director Independant
Matt Thirlwell, Director Vintage West Wine Marketing
Chris Perry, Director Landmark Selections
Mike Longfield, Director Roust Canada
Chris Stewart, Director Harvest Vintage Imports


IVSA Advisory Board

 Mark Kuspira Crush Imports
Ted Latimer Independant
Natino Bellantoni Enoteca Bacco
Tony Perri Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits
Shauna Hansen Vintage West Wine Marketing
Andrea McLaughlin Summit Fine Wines






We would like to thank the following industry leaders for their time served on the IVSA Board of Directors:
Norman Gladstone, Darryl Wienbren, Art Kendall, Ted Latimer, Craig Windrim, Scott Adair, Paul Martin