Independant Review of BC Liquor Distribution System is underway

As you may have seen, the Ministry of Attorney General recently announced that work is now underway on an independent review of LDB’s distribution centre.

The Ministry of Attorney General has engaged Deloitte Canada to conduct the review, which was commissioned by the provincial government in December 2018 to address industry concerns and ensure distribution centre operations are meeting the needs of wholesale customers.  The review of LDB’s distribution centre was one of several recommendations made by the Business Technical Advisory Panel last year. Its report can be found here

Deloitte will also be looking at how orders for non-stocked wholesale product (NSWP) are processed, and how NSWP product is transported between distribution centres operated by the LDB and third party providers. Over the coming weeks the review team will be reaching out to industry associations, wholesale customers, agents, suppliers and third party warehouse operators to learn more about our NSWP process.

This work will take several months to complete; we expect the results of the review to be released in the fall.

Should the external review identify opportunities to improve service to our customers, we would welcome those findings. We are committed to cooperating and collaborating with Deloitte, our agent warehouses and with our industry partners to grow and contribute to the province’s economy.

If you have any questions about the review, please contact me directly.

Regards,  Erin McEwan

Executive Director, Corporate Strategic Services and Project Sponsor

BC Liquor Distribution Branch


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Executive Director, Corporate Strategic Services
BC Liquor Distribution Branch
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