Association Profile

Association Profile

  • The IVSA is a trade association representing the interests of agents, importers, marketing groups, and trade offices of beverage alcohol products in BC and Alberta.
  • The IVSA board is comprised of 20 persons, 10 from each province, with a presiding Administrative Council of 2 persons from each province. All Board members operate businesses or work in the industry for Import Agencies
  • IVSA staff is comprised of an Executive Director and an Executive Assistant
  • Membership is made up of 149 Import Agencies, 17 Consular & Hospitality Trade groups and 3 Warehouse & Distribution associate members
    In BC – 102 Import Agencies / 15 Consular & Hospitality Trade groups / 2 Warehouse & Distribution associate members
    In AB - 47 Import Agencies / 2 Consular & Hospitality Trade groups / 1 Warehouse & Distribution associate members

What does IVSA membership do?

  • We are suppliers with a significant investment in inventory stored in BC & Alberta
    70% Buy-Sell; 30% Commissioned Agent
  • Agent members source, import & market Beverage Alcohol products from around the world
  • Our membership either purchases product from producers and resells it to the BC Market through the BCLDB System, the AB Market through AGLC system or we operate as a commissioned manufacturer's agent for off-shore producers.
    Some members, about 15%, do both.
  • National and International Experience
    A large percentage of our membership has operations and employees in other provincial jurisdictions (in addition to BC & AB), and therefore have experience working with other provincial liquor boards and international liquor systems.
  • Members businesses account for nearly 1,000 jobs

Size and Scope of the IVSA in British Columbia

  • Membership accounted for $864 Million of the imported products sold in 12 months ending Sept 2013 (Source BCLDB SSDS Data, Sept 2013)
  • 73.5% of the total import beverage alcohol category’s sales are represented by our membership
  • IVSA Membership represents over 29.1% of all BCLDB Sales

Import Wine, Spirits and Beer represent 39.6% of products sold in BC by dollars.

BCLDB Sales (by major category $000s) for 12 months ending Sept 30/2013:










Domestic Beer



Source: BCLDB Annual Report 2012/2013